City of Ozamiz

The City of Ozamiz was created under R. A. 321 on June 19, 1948.

Meaning of the Official Seal of Ozamiz



Structure -- cotta, spanish Fort Santiago and oldest   structure in the city; also a symbol of the heritage and   peace and order in the city.

  Blessed Virgin -- patron of the city.

 Inscription -- motto of the city -- " Fortes en Fide",   meaning strength in faith.


The logo of the BAG-ONG OZAMIZNON clearly defines the mission and vision statements of the new generation.

* Lighthouse and Fort - represents Fort Santiago, the famous    historical landmark of the city built in 1756

* Rainbow - symbolizes commitment and aspiration to      change  for a better Ozamiz

* Sun - stands for a new day signifying a new beginning

* Wheel - represents economic conditions that the new breed of Ozamiznon aims to
   improve and develop

* 14 spokes of the economic wheels - indicates the 14 city officials

* 51 stars - 51 barangays with their respective barangay chairmen serving as gears    who will work hand in hand towards the development of the city.

* Firm Handshake at the center of wheel - symbolizes spirit of reconciliation, mutual
   understanding and unity.

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